"She's both professional and patient..."

Sarah is an incredible photographer. She has been taking portraits of me and my family since 2008 and we have yet to have a bad experience. She creates a relaxed environment and doesn't pressure us into forced poses. Instead, she really tries to capture our true spirit and quirkiness - even when we show up dressed in matching Captain America shirts or dressed as Han and Leia from Star Wars. She's both professional and patient especially with our kid. Every session is a fun and exciting experience, and the pictures she turns out are amazing. They are always the ones I pick to put in frames in my house or on our annual Christmas card. I would recommend her to everyone. 

- Karen G. | Richardson, Texas

“A dreamlike experience.”

Sarah has been my family photographer for 8+ years.  I have 5 "smallish" children rounding out our family of 7 and she has never disappointed. Even with a non-cooperative toddler, she is able to capture the moment perfectly. She has EARNED her spot as our family photographer for life. Thank you Sarah for always doing the best possible job for my semi-impossible crew. 

-Tracy G. | Wylie, Texas

"She went above and beyond."

I have been hiring Sarah Toth's professional photography services for a few years for both professional and personal use. She has so many important qualities as a professional photographer that leave you as a client feeling comfortable in front of the lens. She is funny, calm and always sets me at ease when snapping 100s of photos for my real estate career.  She has also taken photos of my family which I have hung in my home and get so many compliments on. 

 - Colleen F. | Murphy, Texas

“Magical moments.”

Sarah Toth has captured so many amazing moments in our life... I can't even begin to explain the magical moments she has captured for our family.  Sarah is wonderful with children, super patient, and when you are ready to pull your hair out because your kids won't cooperate, Sarah somehow has this way of getting them to behave and smile for the camera.

 - Beth M. | Lewisville, Texas

Sarah is an amazing photographer! She brings a very positive & creative energy to every photo shoot. You will NOT be disappointed!
— Erinn O. | Murphy, Texas

“The whole experience was amazing.”

Not only were the pictures amazing, the whole experience was perfect and exactly what I wanted. She even got my five year old son to relax and smile, which made for beautiful photographs! Sarah captured our new family of four and will continue to capture our precious family moments!

 - Lauren K. | Murphy, Texas

“She knows what I am looking for.”

Everyone has a different "goal" when choosing a photographer. I personally want one who can capture my children being EXACTLY who they are!  Sometimes they are crying, laughing, making silly faces, or doing something that's crazy. I love the way that my kids look when Sarah shoots their picture!  She knows what I'm looking for, and makes sure that I get the perfect shot of that time in their lives!  We've had great shots in bluebonnets, on our way to the first day of school, missing teeth, braces, pouty faces, giggles, kisses, and lots of love!  

- Allison E. | Frisco, Texas