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Valentine's Shopping Dilemma and Ideas

If you're like me, buying Valentine's gifts for your special someone can be a challenge.  First, we've been doing it for 14 years, so I feel like I used up all the "good" ideas a while ago.  Second, we don't "need" anything, so my practical self struggles with purchasing frivolous gifts he doesn't really need.  

I decided to come up with a few fun gifts for those of you who, like me, struggle with shopping for this Hallmark holiday.  ;)

Here are a few general things I try to look for when shopping for Mr. Toth:

1.  Something funny

2. Something sexy

3. Something he wouldn't buy for himself

4. Something to compliment one of his hobbies


Ok, so I'm not going to lie... just about every man would fall over and die if his woman had the guts to do a boudoir photo session.  SO - first and foremost - I recommend you do THAT.  I did one last year for my 40th birthday and I've never felt sexier or more empowered!  


Photo by Robin Sherman Photography



And this one right here might be Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner for Mr. Toth.  Lord knows my man loves anything having to do with BBQ!


My guy already has one of these, but trust me... you won't regret buying this for him to make you delicious meals with.  Best filet mignon I've ever had!  Nom, nom, nom.  

Disclaimer: I haven't been compensated in any way by the manufacturers of the above products.  They're just things I've found online that I thought would be fun.  The "Buy" button is just to make it super easy for YOU!

Happy shopping!