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Bluebonnet Safety

The little blue flowers are starting to pop up all over Texas... first in the hill country and now heading north to DFW.  Love 'em or hate 'em, Texas bluebonnets put locals into a frenzy as they try to get the perfect shot of their kids in a field of Texas blue.  



1. Look down.  Yes, that's right!  Have you ever sat in a pile of fire ants?  Well, right before you take bluebonnet photos is not the time to check your toddler's pain tolerance!

2.  Snakes like bluebonnets, too.  The odds of finding a record-breaking rattlesnake while taking family photos is probably slim... but you never know.  Isn't it worth a few extra minutes checking the area to make sure your bluebonnet session will be snake-free?

3. Bluebonnets hang out safely next to highways... but you really shouldn't.  Seriously - use common sense. Don't unleash your children next to Texas' busiest highway to get a photo of the little blue beauties.  It can only take a second for an accident to happen.  It's just. not. worth. it.  


4.  Bug. Spray.  You can thank me later!  Really, though.  There's no reason to fight off a swarm of mosquitoes when a couple of sprays here and there can make your session MUCH more pleasant!  

5. Don't trespass.  Texas landowners can be very grumpy when you wander into their fields to frolic in the bluebonnets. You may not think it's a big deal, but if you've ever encountered an angry property owner, you'll know they can get pretty miffed about people lollygagging on their land!  

6.  Wear real shoes. Barefoot bluebonnet photos are super cute but remember there are other types of weeds mixed in with them and some of those buggers are really prickly!  So... wear your shoes and remove them and place them behind you before you take the photo.  

Shoes keep your feet clean, too. Nobody wants to see dirty feet!!

Shoes keep your feet clean, too. Nobody wants to see dirty feet!!

7.  Allergy medicine.  Spring.  In Texas. In a field of weeds.  Do I need to go on?  Benadryl is your friend, people!  Snot-filled bluebonnet photos are NOT cute.  Take your allergy medicine.

Most importantly, have fun!  Bluebonnets are a treat we Texans get to enjoy for about 2 weeks all year, so enjoy their beauty while you can!!  

I will be offering a very limited number of bluebonnet mini-sessions.  Email me at sarah@sarahtothphoto.com to be put on the list to receive info and be the first to sign up!  

Bluebonnets are coming...

Spring is in the air in Texas which means we will soon see our state flower - the Bluebonnet - popping up next to most highways.  Although beautiful, this doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind and stop by the side of the road to take photos with these blue beauties.  


Bluebonnets are a double-edged sword here in Texas... residents love to see them and plop their kids in the middle of a big patch to get those coveted yearly photos.  Photographers often cringe at the actions of those who mingle dangerously close to the edge of the highway to get the perfect shot!  

Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about bluebonnets...

1.  Bluebonnets bloom for about 3 weeks with the peak being from late March to mid-April.  

2. The bluebonnet is toxic to humans and animals.  As part of the lupine family, the flower is considered poisonous.  

3. Bluebonnets come in several colors including blue, white, violet, red, pink, lavender and even Aggie Maroon! So if you see a flower that "looks like a bluebonnet" but is the wrong color... fear not, it's likely still our state flower!!!

4. Bluebonnets are really pretty... and yes, rattlesnakes think so too!


rattle, rattle...

(photo pulled from internet)

5.  It's not actually illegal to pick the bluebonnets... but do you really need to?  Just leave these little blue flowers alone!  If every Texas took home a bluebonnet bouquet, we soon will not see them coloring our highways!  

6. Don't trample them!  I totally understand trying to find the perfect spot for your yearly photo, but please be kind to the flowers.  There's nothing uglier than beautiful fields of bluebonnets dotted with crushed "butt prints" and flattened paths.  

7.  Bluebonnets are getting harder to find in suburban areas due to construction and land development.  Soon residents will have to travel to the "country" to see our state flower in all its glory! 

8.  If you haven't been to the Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis, Texas... GO!  It's so fun!  This year it's April 20-22.  http://www.bluebonnettrail.org/

blue for days!!

blue for days!!


I will be doing a very limited number of bluebonnet sessions this year, so if you want to be one of the first to sign up, send me an email at sarah@sarahtothphoto.com and I will contact you when the date and location are chosen!