The end of cheesy sports photos....

Let's face it, I was tired of getting overpriced photos of my children against super-cheesy digital backdrops.  I was tired of having to buy HUGE packages of prints that would never see the light of day because what I really wanted was a couple 4x6s for the fridge, some wallets for grandma and a digital image for social media!  

SO... I decided to find a backdrop that would work for several sports and all ages and do sports photos MYSELF!  

That's right ... no pre-determined packages with prints you'll never use...  no weird digital backdrops of an obscure and generic fan-filled stadium ...  and no horrid, illegal scans of printed images that violate many copyright laws.


Want more info about how your child's team can have cute, fun sports photos that you will actually WANT?   Email me at for more information!