Senior portraits... when and where?


One of the most common questions I get from people is "When should I do my child's senior portraits?"

Here's the thing... teenagers can change a LOT in a matter of months.  I have actually had to shoot a senior in June AFTER already taking her photos the previous August because she had changed so much.

If you like fall colors, lots of layers and that "look" then I would suggest September - November of senior year.  If you prefer a more fresh, summery look then I would say March - May.  

There is no "correct" answer... it all depends what look you're going for!  


This is really a matter of preference.  Usually there are two choices - green or urban.

I like them both equally.  Two very different "looks" but both produce gorgeous senior portraits!

I usually suggest urban for guys - unless they are very outdoorsy and want to showcase that!

For the ladies, I do love outdoors.  Urban is also very cool.   

A good photographer will give you choices and guidance.  Make sure your photographer is familiar with senior photography and has a style that aligns with the look you are going for.  All photographers are different and have different strengths and weaknesses.  The session should be stress-free and fun!  

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