My Fave Humans (Girlfriend Edition #1 - The First 5)

This is in no particular order, by the way...  but these are the women in my "tribe" that inspire me.  I think a great way to get to know somebody is to learn about who they hold near and dear.  

1.  Casey Gerwer - or 'Aunt Casey' if you're my kid



Mother to Quadruplets, Former reality TV star, Badass Soccer Mom, former gymnast... and she can still rock a handstand.

Casey and I met in 2004.  She is married to my husband's best friend of many, many years, Rob.  We hit it off instantly and life hasn't been the same since. She's loving, sweet and sassy with a slight flair for the dramatic and amazing fashion sense.  She loves fiercely, but don't piss her off.  (Trust me, I've done it.)  She's more like a sister than a friend. There's not too many people who I would spend the night at their house to help feed their newborn quadruplets overnight... let's be honest.  Her kids are her world and she's an amazing mom.  Oh and she still manages to work full time.  Feel free to bow down to her now.  

2. Cori Dossett  - AKA "Aunt Cori"


Meeting Planning Expert, Irish pub lover, godmother to Adam, former roommate

Cori and I met in 2001 in Washington DC at George W. Bush's inauguration.  (True story.) We palled around DC for 4+ years together. She even tolerated living with me and my dislike of wearing clothes indoors.  God love her.  Cori tends to be quiet when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is hysterical. Don't be fooled by her sweet face - this girl doesn't take any crap from anyone!  (Love that!!!)   Cori runs her own meeting planning business in Dallas and travels the world planning amazing events for people, non-profits and corporations.  She is mom to 2 furbabies who are spoiled rotten.  

3. Melanie Maxcey Nicholas - AKA "Auntie Mel"


Blogger, Writer, Mom of 2, Rockstar wife, Sarcasm expert

Melanie has been a rock for me for many years... since 1997, I think?  Maybe 1998.  I interned for her while still a student at Texas A&M. She was young, hip and cool and took me under her wing. Mel is not only brilliant and beautiful, she's one of the sweetest, most caring people you will ever meet.  She has 2 amazing children, referred to in her blog as Parksalot and Bodacious.  Her husband David is amazing.  He nursed me through the worst sunburn of my life when I lived with Melanie for a month after college.  (I promise it's not creepy; he's a nurse.)  She is one of my rocks in life and is a constant in terms of giving wisdom and advice. Thank god for her and her ability to steer me away from past boyfriend... so I could meet my future hubby when the time was right.   

4. Maegan Vestal (Soon-to-be-Chappelle) - cousin, bestie and "Aunt Maegan" to my kids


Cousin, bestie, amazing teacher and painfully crafty

Maegan is technically my cousin, but is more like a sister. We're closer than close and I love it. Her kids are my niece and nephew as far as I'm concerned and she's Aunt Maegan to my kids always.  She lives in Arkansas and is a devoted teacher. She has navigated her way through some tough personal times this last year like a total rockstar. She's newly engaged to a great guy named Zac (don't worry, I've approved of him) and will become Mrs. Chappelle in October 2017. I'm so proud to call her family, but even more honored to call her one of my best friends.  

5.  Allison Cawthon Elliott  - AKA "Aunt Allie"


Friend since high school, fiercely loyal, amazing mom, Alex's godmother, exceptional interior decorator and pretty much rocks at everything she does 

It's pretty impossible to find a recent picture of Allie because she loathes selfies and hates having her photo taken.  (That's very annoying for her photographer bestie.)  Allie set the bar high for all moms.  She's a whiz in the kitchen, puts everyone ahead of herself (sometimes also not-so-good, ahem... Allie) and can do anything she sets her mind to.  She's funny, smart and is a great listener.  She will also call you on your BS, which let's face it, sometimes I need that. She is Alex's godmother and we love her lots and lots. 

Well, I'm officially out of time and have to go pick up little man from preschool.  

To be continued...